The challenge
In the US, Travelers are a huge and very popular insurance company. However in the UK, they are not as well known as some of their competitors, as they only focus on business insurance. The challenge was to bring some life into the insurance world and position Travelers UK as the go too for business insurance.
The approach
We found that Travelers have a rich and interesting heritage, being involved in some of the biggest ventures of the past 100 years. From insuring the first cars, to being part of the moon landing. Travelers have a history of being part of ambitious and innovative projects. This was the key inspiration behind the new position statement we created, 'Insuring Ambition'.
We also looked into the founder of Travelers and wanted to bring his ethos to life.
We collaborated with typographer Alison Carmichael, to create a human and tactile typeface designed to reflect Batterson's ambition of helping businesses to thrive. 
The typeface also helped to support the developed look and feel for Travelers UK, re-enforcing a history of driving ambition and how they continue to do so today.
To re-engage employees, we designed an a series of wall graphics for several offices. These depicted various historical and recent highlights, empowering employees to make them feel like that are part of a business that strives to be ambitious.

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