From the ground up
For a small start-up to make an impact in a crowded market, one has to stand out or have something about them.
This was the challenge for Founder Sam Downing. A person who, up until his early thirties, wasn't much of a runner. However, through a personal journey found a great love of the great outdoors, exploration and most of all, running. Over the years Sam built himself up from casual 5k's in the local village, to mammoth trials runs that span the greater countryside. Soon he would be taking on ultra marathons across country and finding joy in the challenge of the run and the thrill of exploration.
Running had changed Sam life and soon that hobby turned into a desire to build a running brand that embodied the spirit of getting out there, about embracing the elements and finding joy in nature.
Thus, Ponnek was born.
'Ponnek' in the Cornish language means 'Dusty' and it perfectly encapsulates the spirit that
Founder Sam Downing wanted to create. 
A brand all about getting out there and embracing what the elements throw at you. It's about overcoming adversity, whether that be your own hurdles or those that you encounter within your path. Finally it's about embodying the adventures spirit and navigating the landscape. Finding your own way or taking on the elements with friends.
A wordmark born from map grid systems
Being a brand all about running dusty and exploration,
it made sense to build a brand from the foundations of the grid structures of maps.
Letterforms and a visual identity system that embodies
the navigational spirit of the pathfinder
Nature inspired colour scheme
Embracing the elements is all about getting out that there. Ponnek's colour scheme reflects the pathfinders mindset of taking on trials.
Capturing an adventurous and community spirit
Photography plays a key role in depicting the joy of exploration and getting dusty.
Our goal was to capture imagery that reflects running in the natural environment, not just on you're own, but also with community. 
Cornwall plays a key part of the locations too. Showcasing beautiful vistas and challenging trails.
Brilliantly brought to life by photographer Will Harper-Penrose
Expressive brand
Founder Sam Downing also has a deep love for illustration and wanted that free spirit to come through in another way.
Collaborating with Illustrator Alastair Knowles-Lenoir (A.K.A Hands for feet),  he created a series of bespoke designs for clothing items and accessories. Always re-enforcing that idea of getting out there and embracing nature.
From strength to strength
As a growing brand, Ponnek continues to thrive, especially within those of the
running/trial/ultra marathon community.
Sam Downing not only made his dream come true, but found a living in which he can pour himself into. A true brand ambassador, living the adventurous spirit.
As part of the brand roll-out, publications, a website, social templates and a more were designed to bring it all to life.​​​​​​​

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